Botanical Latin for Herbalists?

Have you ever heard of a very important and common medicinal plant called “plantain”, and thought we were talking about the little bananas? Wouldn’t have happened if you had learned some Botanical Latin…

In order to be clear which plant is being talked about, plant people use Botanical Latin, so that no matter where you are in the world, we all know exactly which plant we are talking about. Common names change from region to region. Use this class, if you are unclear what is going on, as Lise teaches and various names pop up on the screen, meant to clarify which plant we are discussing.

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"Teachings have empowered me..."

I have been learning about and using medicinal herbs for over 25 years now. Over the years, I have taken classes, read books, attended seminars and conferences from a variety of herbalists. In my experience, Lise Wolff absolutely stands out!

Lise is not only very knowledgeable and experienced, her teaching style is also thoughtful and well organized. Lise presents material in both a logical and practical way. Because of her many years of experience as a practicing herbalist, Lise is able to share powerful and memorable stories about the plants she is teaching on. These stories stick with me and help me apply what has been taught.

I am so grateful for all that I have learned from Lise. Her teachings have empowered me to care for myself and my family in a more natural and wholistic way.  

Christine West, Homeschooling Mom, Herbalist, Minnesota