Understanding Flower Essences

Curious about flower essences? How they differ from essential oils and how they relate to herbs? Flower Essences? Sounds too soul-touchy? Yup. Lise thought so too, but it turns out she’s been using them with a majority of her clients, in her herbal practice, since 1999. And Lise is not soul touchy. At all. 

Flower essences deal with the things you can’t see and touch, like feelings and emotions. Things that have been laid onto a person over the years and now alter the way they interact in the world, and even worse, alter their ability to manifest who they were meant to be. We know mind and body are intertwined. Lise uses flower essences for many physical illnesses, as well. These have changed her life and the lives of so many of her clients, she could not imagine a world without them. Lise always strives to be clear. Join her.

In this 7-hour series, Lise begins by laying out the history of flower essences and how they fit within the pantheon of complementary medicine. She will explain how to make a flower essence, how to prepare medicine bottles from the flower essences you have purchased or made, She'll go on to lay out first the 19 Tree Essences of Dr. Bach, and then will review, in detail, the 38 remedies of Dr. Bach, considering their usefulness, as well as better alternatives, from practice. 

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"Wonderful teaching abilities..."

As a student of Herbalism, I've always been so interested in the power of healing the spiritual and emotional body. In Lise's Flower Remedies Series, she introduces and illustrates the importance of flower therapy, and helped me feel more complete with my arsenal of herbal remedies to truly heal the whole body. Throughout the course, she discusses the history of Edward Bach, goes into a deep dive of the different essences and what they're used for, she explains how to test flower essences versus an herb on a client, and also gives various examples of other trusted Flower Essences companies and reading materials. With the help of Lise's knowledge, experience, and wonderful teaching abilities, I feel complete and confident to start using Bach Flower Remedies with my clients."

Erin Johnson, Intimacy Coordinator, Los Angeles, CA