Herbal Pain Relief and Repair is within reach!

Tight muscles, arthritis of various sorts, back pain, sprains, strains, shin splints, ACL and Meniscus tears, surgeries that won’t heal, scar tissue, creaky knees, bone spurs, cracked ribs and ribs out of place, tendonitis, bursitis, hip pain, broken collarbones, shoulder pain, including frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, restless legs, slipped disks, sciatica and more!

You don't have to get fancy to get results! In this class, I discuss herbs that you can find growing in your own backyard which have time and again provided fast, long-lasting relief from all kinds of aches and pains related to bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments.

Stories from my clinical practice are peppered throughout this 1.5-hour class. I'll start with the head and work my way down to the feet, all the while giving practical tips for trying these remedies yourself. A slideshow of the plants is included!

False and Real Solomon Seal, Wild Ginger, Prickly Ash Bark, Shepard's Purse, Boneset, Dandelion Flowers, Calendula, Beebalm, Teasel and more!

Start Learning Now!