Medicine Making Demystified!

If you can identify a few medicinal plants, either from local weeds or your own garden, I will teach you a remarkably simple technique to prepare your very own tinctures, medicinal oils and salves. And no special equipment needed. Truly. Just stuff you mostly already own.
These techniques have supplied the pharmacy for my herbal practice since 1996. If they work for my real, full-time practice, they can work for you. This isn’t rocket science. It’s easy! You don’t have to be an expert, but you will be soon!

Start learning now!

"Your Wildcrafting Considerations class succinctly answered my gazillion questions in 28 minutes."

" I'm lousy at judging volumes, and watched my mother cooking with her garden's perennial herbs. I've read books, and taken many classes which were brilliant and helpful. They didn't address the nitty gritty questions I have as I stand by an herb patch, the basis of everything. 

 "I ask questions. Is this the correct herb? Is this the best time to harvest? What part do I harvest? How much do I need? How do I give back to the plants?   

"Wildcrafting Considerations gave specific details with succinct, memorable descriptions, and the big picture of 10 months of herb harvesting in Minnesota. I feel better knowing what the plants want me to know before I touch them! Thank you!"

Maryellen Mueller, Minneapolis, MN